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IK 28 Surah Yaseen (12x17)

IK 28 Surah Yaseen (12x17)

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Introducing the IK 28 Surah Yaseen (12x17), a beautifully crafted edition of Surah Yaseen from the Holy Quran, meticulously designed to enhance your reading and recitation experience.

Measuring 12 inches by 17 inches, this large-format edition of Surah Yaseen features clear and legible Arabic text, ensuring ease of reading for individuals of all ages and visual abilities. Each page is thoughtfully laid out to optimize readability and comprehension, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in the sacred verses of Surah Yaseen.

Printed on high-quality paper with attention to detail, the IK 28 Surah Yaseen (12x17) is built to withstand frequent use and retain its pristine condition over time. Whether you display it in your home, mosque, or educational institution, this edition of Surah Yaseen serves as a beautiful and inspiring reminder of the divine message of the Quran.

Surah Yaseen holds a special significance in Islamic tradition, revered for its profound spiritual meanings and blessings. With the IK 28 Surah Yaseen (12x17), you can deepen your connection with this sacred chapter and draw inspiration from its timeless wisdom and guidance.

Whether you're seeking spiritual solace, embarking on a journey of Quranic study, or simply looking to adorn your space with the beauty of Islamic calligraphy, the IK 28 Surah Yaseen (12x17) is a valuable addition to any collection. Let the divine words of Surah Yaseen illuminate your heart and soul, bringing peace, blessings, and guidance into your life.

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